Twitter Trends - Kumamoto, Japan

The following are the top twitter trends and hashtags trending on twitter today in Kumamoto. The trends was last updated few minutes ago.

RankTrending Topic / HashtagTweet Count
1Under 10K
3Under 10K
4Under 10K
5Under 10K
7Under 10K
8Under 10K
10Under 10K
11Under 10K
12Under 10K
14Under 10K
17Under 10K
18Under 10K
19Under 10K
21Under 10K
22Under 10K
23Under 10K
24Under 10K
25Under 10K
26Under 10K
27Under 10K
30Under 10K
31Under 10K
32Under 10K
33Under 10K
34Under 10K
35Under 10K
36Under 10K
37Under 10K
38Under 10K
39Under 10K
41Under 10K
42Under 10K
44Under 10K
45Under 10K
46Under 10K
47Under 10K
48Under 10K

Note: Trends refreshes every 30 minutes.

What is trending at No. 1 on Twitter in Kumamoto, Japan?

Right now, コカイン is trending at No. 1 on twitter in Kumamoto, Japan with Under 10K tweets.

How do I see trends on Twitter in Kumamoto, Japan?

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What are the top topics trending on twitter in Kumamoto, Japan?

The above pie chart shows the top topics trending on Twitter by tweet volume.